MP 1 CDD Information

28245 County Line Road
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
P: (813) 973-1671
F: (813) 973-7268
Office Hours (M-F) 8am-5pm
Keith Fisk, Operations Manager

Board of Supervisors

Dennis Smith, Chair
Seat 1: (2014-2018)

Lutfi Jadallah, Treasurer
Seat 2: (2014-2018)

Pat Asklar, Vice Chair
Seat 3: (2012-2016)

Kelly Rodriguez, Assistant Secretary
Seat 4: (2012-2016)

Dawn Khalil, Assistant Secretary
Seat 5: (2012-2016)

Florida has a very broad public records law. Written communications to or from districts are public records available to the public upon request. Your e-mail communications are subject to public disclosure.

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What's happening in Meadow Pointe 1

Should we keep these dumpsters?

dumpsterDear Meadow Pointe residents,

The excess dumping at the newspaper recycling dumpsters at Meadow Pointe 1 continues to be an issue and the CDD is now considering other options. Our CDD staff should not have to clean up after people who leave our parking lot like this! If it doesn’t fit in the recycling dumpster, take your recycling to other recycling drop-offs: the firehouse, Sand Pine Elementary, or Meadow Pointe 2! We have also had people leave old furniture and unwanted household items in the parking lot. Anything that does not fit in the Goodwill box should be taken to the Goodwill Store on 56. If these dumpsters are to stay, residents must be mindful of keeping this area clear.

basketballYouth Basketball

There will be free youth basketball on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm-8pm starting January 12. All youths between the ages of 10 and 16 are welcome to attend. If you would like to have your children participate, or would like to volunteer to supervise this activity, please contact the clubhouse or Arlindo Dalomba at 727-6624.

Safe driving courseSafe Driving Course

The AARP Smart Driver Course is being offered at the Meadow Pointe (One) Community Center on Monday, February 29. This is a 6-hour course specially designed for drivers 50 years of age and older but is open to everyone. Most insurance companies offer discounts for completion of the course, which is good for three years. Check with your insurance agent for discounts available to you. The cost is $15 for AARP members and $20 for non-members. Please contact Dennis Smith at 813-994-9832 to register. Seats are limited, so register early.

The MP1 Community Fair

The Meadow Pointe Community Council (MPCC) will host its annual Community Fair on Saturday, March 26 from 10am to 2pm at the MP1 Basketball courts. This event showcases the products and services of Meadow Pointe residents as well as those residents of our surrounding communities. A free raffle will be held, and vendor food samples will be available. Snacks and beverages will be available for purchase through the MPCC. Face painting, a bounce house and other activities will be available for the kids. Interested vendors should contact the Community Council for information on how to secure a booth for this year’s event. For more information, contact the MPCC at or call Dennis Costa at 907-1237.

Get Ready for Spring Cleaning!

The Meadow Pointe CDD Community Garage Sale will be held on Saturday, April 9 from 8 – 2. It’s a great time to clean out those dusty old closets, and organize your garage! Residents in all eleven (11) villages are invited to participate at no cost. Remember one person’s trash can become another’s treasure! Goodwill will have a truck located at MP1 for any unsold treasures you’d like to donate!

Palm Tree Health

Palm TreeSome residents have recently lost their palm trees in Meadow Pointe due to Fusarium Wilt. This airborn disease spreads easily and one way to help prevent other trees from contracting it is to clean your pruning tools.

According to the University of Florida, “Once the palm is infected by this disease there is no cure. Currently, there is also no method for preventing this disease. Once the disease is established, it is thought that it may be transmitted from palm to palm by leaf-pruning equipment. Pruning should be restricted to removal of dead or dying fronds only. Severe pruning weakens the palms and may increase risk of pathogen transmission. Equipment used to remove leaves from an infected palm will have fungus infested leaf material (wood dust, plant sap) remaining on the blades. If equipment is not cleaned and disinfected, the palm pruned by this equipment will be exposed to fungus-infested leaf material. If in a landscape some palms are symptomatic, be sure to disinfect the pruning tool between each palm whether or not the palm shows symptoms of the disease. Some symptomless palms may have already been infected and are capable of spreading the disease if equipment used for pruning them is not properly sanitized." Read more about Fusarium Wilt here.


RNo blue bagsecycling News

As of October 1st, Pasco County will no longer pick up recycling in bags. All recycling must be in properly labeled bin or can. Recycling stickers can be found at the CDD Office.





Burning Regulations in Meadow Pointe

Pasco Burn RegulationsThere have been recent incidents of residents burning various materials in their yards in Meadow Pointe. Open fires and fires in fire pits are hazardous. According to Florida Law, there are very specific rules on outdoor burning. These rules are outlined in a Pamphlet that is available here. You may report violations by contacting the Pasco County Sheriff’s non-emergency number (727) 847-8102.



Meadow Pointe Information Brochure

2015 MP info brochureThis brochure was updated January 2015 to inform Meadow Pointe I residents about all kinds of information about our community. This is being printed and sent to all MP1 households. Keep this handy for when you want to look up information off line, Or you can download it here.




MP Key fobKey Fobs Needed to Rent Space

Anyone wishing to reserve clubhouse rooms or the cabana need to purchase a MP1 key fob if they have not done so already. Also any resident that does not have a key fob and are expecting houseguests should purchase key fobs if they would like their guests to have access to the clubhouse during their visit.

Key Fobs are available for purchase for all residents 14 yrs and older in MP 1. Cost is $5 per fob for MP 1 residents. Acceptable method of payment is check or money order. Sorry, no cash.

Applications can be obtained in the MP 1 CDD Office or downloaded here. Please bring proof of residence, either driver license if owner showing current address, or driver license and title to home if newly purchased. Renters will need to provide driver license and lease.

Youths 14-17 wanting access to the facilities and currently have a MP1 ID card will need to have it updated and may also purchase key fobs if desired. Proof of age will need to be provided when either updating the card or updating card and purchasing a key fob. Acceptable forms for proof of age can be either a birth certificate, passport, permit or drivers license. For those that do not have a card and would like one for access to the gym, will need to have their parent or guardian complete a waiver for them and also provide proof of age. All guardians will need to show proof of guardianship.

Meetings & Events