MP1 Deed Restriction Overview

Every homeowner should have received a copy of their deed restrictions upon purchasing their home. Below is a list of the generic deed restrictions for all homes in Meadow Pointe 1. Please refer to your Declaration of Restriction for complete information. You can obtain a copy at the CDD Office.  


Understanding Deed Restrictions for Meadow Pointe CDD

  1. Sheds. Every residential lot is allowed one utility building (shed). These are subject to architectural review by the CDD. (From Paragraph 1)
  2. Activity. No noxious or offensive activity is allowed on any lot (anything that may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood. (From Paragraph 6)
  3. Pets. Only dogs, cats or other household pets are permitted. No more that four (4) pets. They may not be kept, bred or maintained for commercial purposes. (From Paragraph 8)
  4. Signs. No sign other than one property “for sale or rent" sign can be displayed on any lot. It can be no bigger that two foot square and must be professionally lettered. No pool signs are permitted. (From Paragraph 9)
  5. Visible Containers. Garbage containers and above ground soft water and other tanks cannot be visible from the street or neighboring lots. Use a walled in area or screen with fencing or shrubbery. (From Paragraph 10)
  6. Fences. No chain link fencing is permitted. Check the Deed Restrictions for your property for restrictions on where a fence may be placed. (From Paragraph 11) Be sure to check county codes before installing a fence.
  7. Maintenance. Every residential lot (occupied or empty) must be kept reasonably clean and free from refuse, debris, unsightly growth (grass, shrubs, exterior home mold) and fire hazard. (From Paragraph 14 & 19)
  8. Easements. Drainage, utility and maintenance easements are noted on residential lot survey maps. Within these easements, residents cannot put fences, plantings or anything else that will block access. Residents owning property adjacent to ponds are responsible for mowing to the waters edge. (From Paragraph 15)
  9. Visible Vehicles. NO boat, boat trailer, camper, mobile home, travel trailer, van or truck over one ton capacity is permitted on any lot or street, unless inside a garage (or located on a lot so it isn’t visible from the street or neighboring lots. (From Paragraph 17)
  10. Mailbox. The standard white mailbox can be either vinyl or metal. The approved wood mail post must be painted with the two approved District colors and must be kept clean (free from dirt, mold) and maintained at all times. (From Paragraph 18)
  11. Visible Items. No vehicles (striped, wrecked, junked, dismantled or on blocks), no furniture or appliances designed for normal use or operation within (as distinguished from outside of) dwellings are permitted on a lot visible from the street or neighboring lots. (From Paragraph 19)
  12. Conservation Lots. There is NO USE of conservation (woods), wetlands, or buffer areas permitted. No activity, clearing, building, playing, planting is permitted. (From Paragraph 23)
  13. Pond Vegetation. Owners of lots adjacent to ponds CANNOT remove native vegetation (including cattails) growing within the littoral zones of their detention pond. Removal includes dredging, applying herbicides, and cutting. (From Paragraph 28)
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